Thank you for this incredibly generous gift.

I know personally I have probably frequently fallen into the trap of having been overly militant and judgmental towards “unwoke” white folks, and in the process of doing so, I realize now that it may have done more harm than good in some cases in the process. It is a living testament to how utterly toxic racism is. It’s a downed electrical wire that can indiscriminately hurt or kill regardless of your intentions when you touch it.

There will always be a small segment of irredeemable racists, but it’s true that there are probably a great deal of folks that just need a better trail to the light than being brow beaten and shamed for being the last ones to wake up from the American spell of being the unconscious beneficiaries of an unjust system.

I need to work harder at this, and appreciate being shown a better way. Thanks for that.

Professional traveling musician, artist and writer. Amateur comedian and smart person.

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