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This wall fight has absolutely nothing to do with border security.

This thing that’s going on — this wall / government shutdown bullshit — has exactly NOTHING to do with anything happening at the southern border. This is exclusively about the suicide pact that Trump and the GOP made together finally stretching itself to cross purposes.

The very simple way you can know that neither trump nor the GOP actually gives a fuck about border security in any real way is the fact that for the last 2 years — with single-party rule of literally ALL THREE BRANCHES OF GOVERNMENT — they did exactly NOTHING about this goddamn wall. Multiple cherry offers came and went. For fuck’s sake — they have barely spent any of the money appropriated in the last omnibus spending bill allocated for southern border security.

Because there is no security crisis. What there is is an applause line that ginned up just enough shitty racists around the margins in a low turn out election to get this pumpkinhead through the front door of the White House.

The GOP has been willing to put up with every morally, politically and intellectually bankrupt tendency of trump exclusively to get the only things the modern GOP gives a shit about — another round of sweeping, permanent tax cuts for the rich and a generational lock on the Supreme Court in hopes that it will keep some very guilty people out of jail when the next Great Accounting comes. They have now officially gotten everything on their Christmas list.

Trump — being the fucking idiot he is — had exactly no idea the extent to which he was being played by the republican establishment that he thought he completely pwned in the 2016 cycle.

He’s waking up slowly to the reality that they know he’s a sinking ship. The combination of actual congressional oversight and the Sword of Damocles that is the Mueller report are going to come crashing through his soft ass head any day now. People are already going to jail. The chances of him being impeached in the house right about the time the 2020 cycle really starts in earnest is somewhere around 1 out of 1.

At this point, its safe to say that Donald Trump is getting his first taste of real fear, and really the only pavlovian action printed on the charred pine cone of a brain rattling around in his half deflated basketball head is if that he says the word “wall” enough times — he becomes president. It’s literally no more complicated than that.

And now the GOP is sitting there with its finger in its ass wondering what to do about the fact that not only did this dummy take a hostage without telling them first — he pretty much accidentally shot it in front of them before either of them could effectively even use it for leverage. They had gotten so accustomed to Trump being nothing more than a meat suit with enough opposable digits to operate a sharpie — that they almost forgot he was also a serial narcissist with no impulse control, no actual moral or political north star and the blindly violent instincts of a cornered honey badger.

And so now we wait. The only thing left to see here is exactly how many more days the GOP is willing to spend what’s left of their diminishing political capital pretending that what’s happening here is anything besides the “president” repeatedly mashing the only working key on his piano over and over again to see if its going to make all the bad thoughts and people on the TV go away and let him keep being president.

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